Phantom Manor is a house which is used as the home for the 999 happy haunts of the house.

History Edit

The Phantom Manor was built by Henry Ravenswood, as soon as he struck gold at Thunder Mesa in the Alola Region. When Constance and George Hightower entered the Mansion, she killed Henry Ravenswood so that she and George can live a happy life. As time would move on, the Manor was only inhabited by Constance Hatchaway, who is the only alive soul in the mansion. However, 994 more disembodied souls began to move on to the manor, but she and The Hatbox Ghost were the last souls to die in the mansion or the grounds of the mansion.

So, it is said that anyone who sets foot at the Manor's doors never return to the living world, and began a permanent resident of the Phantom Manor.

Film/Video Used Edit

Sonic: The Haunted Mansion of Alola: Phantom Manor is going to be used as the main mansion for the film, ever since the delay of the film.

Zakoz Shorts: Phantom Manor was used in some shorts which featured the Haunted Mansion cast.

Trivia Edit

  • Phantom Manor replaced the Haunted Mansion for the delay of Sonic: The Haunted Mansion of Alola.
  • It will be featured in some outside shots of media, such as: Sonic: The Haunted Mansion of Alola and Zakoz Shorts.
  • The Gazebo outside the Manor would be featured as a stress reliever for the 999 happy haunts.